We are reshaping what career transition means.

About Thrive

Our mission is to provide amazing services to people at all stages of their career. Career Wellness is about more than just getting your next job, or even your next promotion. We deeply care about our users’ career paths and work to ensure they have access to great tools to help them Thrive.

In Australia, Thrive has partnered with The Career Insight Group, Australia's largest privately owned career strategy firm. This brings the expertise of Directioneering, Audrey Page & Associates, Navigation Group and TwoPointZero to the platform and ensures employees in transition receive career coaching and guidance from the very best

Championing Career Wellness

A Brief History

Thrive Goes Global

Thrive enters new global markets in less than a year of launching in Canada.

By partnering with The Career Insights Group, Australia becomes the first international expansion for Thrive.

Thrive continues to experience rapid growth in all jurisdictions.



Thrive Launches!

Thrive partners with industry leaders to provide unparalleled choice to Job Seekers.

Fortune 500 companies begin to engage with our new model.

After launching in February 2019, Thrive now supports the employee transition process for over 25 companies in Canada.

Continued Growth + Transformation

Client feedback and the changing job market lead to discussions about reinventing the career transition industry.

The solution? Develop Thrive: the first Career Wellness Platform offering an entirely new approach to career transition that emphasizes upskilling, reskilling, and affordability.

Thrive launches in beta and surpass $50K in customer deposits before the official launch!



Career Management Portal + Global Growth

In Canada, Optimum Talent becomes the first career transition provider to use the CareerJSM platform as their Career Management Portal.

CareerJSM leverages Optimum Talent's network to enter USA, Australia, Hong Kong, and European markets.


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